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Stressed Dental

More and more self employed people are turning to dental tourism for an affordable solution to much needed dental work

The reality of the situation in the dental health industry in America is appalling as evidenced by the huge number of Americans who are uninsured for dental treatment. The actual figure stands at more than 85 million people who lack dental coverage … Read More »

Dr. Irma Gavaldon

Dental Vacation Center continues to work with the only ADA certified dentist in Cancun

Cancun in Mexico has come to be considered synonymous with low cost, high quality dental treatment. It is no wonder then that it is termed the number one tourist destination in Mexico. It thrives in abundance of health facilities and qualified … Read More »

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They work quite quickly. They seem to be very organized and the place is kept very clean. Everyone was friendly and no problem with communication.

Michael F. liked the full service at Sani

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